Health & Wellness Class

Health & Wellness Syllabus 

 Dear Parents and Students, 

Health & Wellness is a course based on Indiana’s Academic Standards for Health & Wellness.  It provides the basis to help students attain and maintain healthy lifelong behaviors. Health & Wellness Education contributes directly to a student’s ability to successfully practice behaviors that protect and promote health and avoid or reduce health risks. One semester is required to earn a high school diploma.

Students should be prepared with supplies including writing utensils, a folder or binder, and a notebook.  Students are expected to follow procedures, directions, and to be engaged. Student IDs must be on the person.  Food and drinks are not allowed. Personal electronic devices should be set to OFF and should not be visible, and ear buds should not be in ears.

Absent students should check Power School to monitor their missing assignments.  You have as many days as you were gone to make up missed work. For example, if you were absent three days, then you have three days to make up missed work.  After the grace period is over, then you will not be allowed to turn in missed work. Grades are based on a combination of assignments, quizzes, and tests.


Mr. Cramer

Health & Physical Education Department Chair

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