Physical Education

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Washington High School Physical Education

Dressing for Class

  • T-shirt/shorts/athletic pants.  Gym shoes are required. Student will receive a zero for not having appropriate gym shoes.

Locks and Locker Room

  • Per Administration, the locker rooms are closed.  Please use the restroom to change.


  • A certified doctor’s note with a beginning and end date is needed for injured or sick students who cannot fully or partially participate in class for more than five days.  Parent notes exempting student from class for one day will be accepted if the student is sick or injured and if the note is turned into Mr. Cramer in a timely fashion. For example, if a student sits out Monday due to an injury or illness without a note, then that student must turn in a parent note the next day (Tuesday).  Late parent notes (unless for extreme situations) will not be accepted and a zero will remain. Student is allowed 4 parent notes per semester.


  • No technological devices allowed in physical education class including but not limited to cell phones, earbuds, ipads, ipods, speakers, etc.


  • For the safety of all, no jewelry allowed.

Daily Procedure

  • Be in the lobby 1 minute after the arrival bell.
  • 5 minutes to dress, use the restroom and/or water.
  • Do not leave the lobby area until the teacher dismisses class.  You must be visible to the teacher for attendance purposes.
  • Students will be provided 5-6 minutes at the end of class to use the restroom and to get water
  • Teacher will dismiss the class from the lobby area.  Stay in the designated area for dismissal.

PE Units and Fitness Days

  • Units may include, but is not limited to: football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, etc.
  • Fitness days will consist of cardiovascular and strength training

Absent Policy

  • Must complete an additional workout set by the teacher and tailored toward individual needs and capabilities in order to earn lost points.  Each additional day missed will result in additional workouts. For example, if you miss two days, then you need to complete two different workouts.


  • Grade is a combination of assignments, quizzes, tests, and participation.

Weight Lifting 1

Physical Education Grading

10 points per day


No book bags allowed near the Aux Gym area

Be on time to class

Actively listen to teacher for directions

Wear proper PE attire

Proper use of PE equipment

Good sportsmanship

Be actively engaged (best effort) daily (no sitting or laying around)

Follow directions the first time given

No violations of other school policies

No one is allowed to leave the gym without teacher permission

No jewelry is to be worn on the person at any time during class

Stay in designated area until dismissed by teacher

Failure to follow expectations will result in point(s) lost.

I have read and understood the Physical Education syllabus.

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Mr. Cramer

Health and Wellness and Physical Education Department Chair