Weight Room

WHS Weight Room

“The weight room was completely remodeled soon after the basketball season was over. It was assembled by the time the Spring sports rolled around. Because of this,  I got to use it during the softball season. It seemed like the process to finish the weight room took an eternity, only because I longed to see what the final result would look like. All of the equipment is completely new. Before the renovation, there was nothing to use, the room was just empty, hollow.” 

-Mila Reynolds, sophomore.

Mila was one of the first student-athletes to workout in the weight room at Washington even before the machines had arrived. Mila had an idea of what was going to happen with the weight room, but she never imagined the weight room to become what it is today. To Mila ́s surprise, the weight room was an incredible sight, something that she had never seen before.

While taking pictures of the weight room and spending time in the room, Mila became somewhat overjoyed in the realization that the school is being more intent in putting some of their effort into acknowledging their student-athletes. With the addition of the weight room, all athletes in all sports, are able to improve their physical abilities in a room they were comfortable in, a room that they can call their own

There is now a weightlifting class available for students, just recently approved by Mr. Sims, the principal here at Washington High School. The majority of the class are athletes, however this class welcomes all. Those who take that class now have the  opportunity to work on their strengths and agilities during school, helping their situation if they have other priorities after school. Anyone who walks into the weight room while there are students training, are able to see the joy painted on their faces. The weight room has been able to help our student-athletes focus on games or practices during the school day in order for them to get prepared for later on. The weight room has also been an alternative location for the outdoor sports, to practice in.

“During the fall, I play football and most of our practices were outside, but being able to be to practice in the weight room, it builds our stamina. I'm glad that we are able to focus on training more during the school day, in order to get prepared for the evenings.”

-TaRon Bradshaw, senior.

The weight room is by far one of the biggest accomplishments that have been made in the school, it is available to all teams and athletes who are able to keep their grades at a good level and who have the dedication and determination.

“The meeting for the weight room to be made was held in the Spring of 2018. This weight room was made with a lot of effort and took time. Our goal was to give students a place to feel comfortable and a place where they can workout and not have to worry about one of the equipment being too rusty or on the verge of breaking."

AD Garland Hudson

-Mr.Hudson, athletic director, Washington High School.

There was a weight room before, but it was old and the equipment was extremely rusted. The director of athletics made the decision that there should be a new weight room added to the school and it took close to a year to make the room happen.

The weight room is available to all students at Washington High School and there is so much that can be worked on in there. Please, enjoy the weight room and understand that the weight room was made for us, so we can benefit ourselves and our futures.