Physical Education

Washington High School Physical Education


Requirement for graduation:

  • 2 credits/2 full semesters

Dressing for Class

  • Washington High School Physical Education uniform (shirt & shorts)
  • $15.00 Check payable to WHS or cash, a receipt is available upon request
  • Please check the WHS-PE web page for more information

Locks and locker room

  • Two people will share 1 locker/combination lock-lockers have new combinations for 2017
  • Students are responsible for locking up their clothes and valuables during/after class
  • Bring a towel from home and personal hygiene items for the rest of the school day
  • The locker room will remained locked for the duration of class


  • PE uniforms are required everyday
  • A doctor’s note with a beginning and ending date is needed for injured students to not participate in class.Notes from home about a injury the night before will be used as “alerts” for teachers to adjust activities for the student

    Cell Phones

  • No Cell Phones – Lock them in your locker
    • A “Class Dismissal” form will be issued for violation-You will proceed to the office after the class dismissal is issued.


    • Daily procedure:  You must be in the locker room 1 minute after the bell. 

  • You have 5 additional minutes to get dressed and get in your attendance spot.
  • Class begins 5 minutes after the tardy bell.
  • Anyone not at their designated spot 5 minutes after the 1 minute grace period will be marked tardy.

You will be in the locker room 5-6 minutes prior to the end of class to change clothes and be ready for your next class.

Grading Criteria

  • Participation & attitude
  • Achievement and performance
  • Skills tests, written quiz
  • Pre and post fitness test


Grading Scale
A = 93%-100%    A- = 90-92%     A- = 90-92%
B+ = 80-87%       B  =83-86%      B- 80-82%
C+ =77-79%        C  =73-76%      C- 70-72%
D+ = 67-69%       D = 63-66%      D- 60-62%

                                     Daily P.E. Grade

Earn 10 points/day

  • Being on time for class
  • Being in the right place for attendance
  • Proper dress for class-PE UNIFORM
  • Following directions and doing what is expected
  • Assisting your teacher
  • Contributions to the class that exceed expectations
  • Assisting/helping classmates learn an assigned skill
  • Being positive


Lose points for:

  • Late to the locker room
  • Late for attendance in the gym
  • Inappropriate class behavior
  • Partially dressed for class
  • Reduced effort during activity
  • Performing unsafe acts in class
  • Poor sportsmanship
  • Putting down others-not being positive
  • Intentionally breaking rules
  • Inappropriate language
  • Arguing with others

Daily points are combined with skill and written quiz/tests for a unit grade for a particular sport.

Activities include fitness tests, volleyball, yoga, body weight, exercises, basketball, soccer, ultimate team handball,  cardiovascular endurance, and games.

Be positive, work hard, and have fun!

Mr. Patrick King



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